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About the Female Photographer

My clients search for a great photographer to make them look and feel beautiful.
They are concerned about feeling comfortable and feeling safe.
They are looking for an exceptional experience.
And they are looking for an artist with a consistent message from start to finish.

If this sounds good...

I might be the right photographer for you.
The clients I work with tell me that they have a milestone to celebrate.
Some of them are getting married, others
have lost a lot of weight.
Some are celebrating a big birthday while others have survived cancer.

Expect to Feel Beautiful
This is a fun, creative experience catered to you.
Boudoir photos do not necessarily mean naked. In fact, quite the contrary.

All finished prints leave the studio fully retouched, including the smoothing of any wrinkles or blemishes. I am no purist when it comes to making you look perfect, so you will see no unsightly bulges, muffin tops, pinches or poofs anywhere.

Get Pampered. Live Romance. Express a Hidden You. Let the hellcat run wild. Let the vixen out. Be a secret Parisian mistress.
I'm here to explore a side of you that you may not know well.
Don't worry, you'll be safe. It will always be tasteful. You'll never, ever look cheap.

Why should I do a Boudoir Photo Shoot? This is an incredibly self-respecting experience to enjoy.
Every woman should have a beautiful collection of photos done at some point in life.
Leave a handsome legacy for your children to treasure.

But what if I don't have a perfect figure? Who does, except, perhaps, Gisele? Relax. I will make you look amazingly sexy. I will find your beautiful curves. I will flatter your shape, your style, and I'll highlight your best features.
Do you have great hair? We'll focus the light on it, fluff it, tease it, twist it, play with it.
Do you have great legs? We'll make them look long, strong, straight and super sexy.
Do you have great breasts? We'll find just the right amount of cleavage. We'll show just the right amount of curve without giving it all away.
Koren Reyes

My Mission:
1) to provide a safe, comfortable environment, and

2) to give you simple, elegant imagery that you will cherish forever

About Me:

A long while back I took my

art history
major into a brief but amazing professional skiing career.

in between the snow and the cold, I ran my family's famous
Nantucket Lightship Basket
business (yes, I hail from the Reyes Nantucket Lightship Basket family).

When real life called, I decided to tackle

Wall Street.
Somehow I convinced expansive-thinking people to take a chance on me. Through the years, I morphed into an
options specialist
and elbowed my way into working with some of the most creative minds on Wall Street.

Like all good things, that era in my life had to end. I wanted a different lifestyle.

Now in my eighth year as a full-time


I find this work to be the perfect marriage of art and technology.

I'm the perfect fit for the sophisticated Manhattan woman who cherishes fine art in any form. Or the woman who just has these dreams.
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The most sophisticated photographer for the private client in New York City.
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Why the ginkgo leaf?

The Ginkgo tree is a phenomenon, an object of veneration. It is a sacred tree of the East symbolizing the unity of opposites.

Some view the ginkgo as representing changelessness, a force that possesses miraculous power. It is a form of life that bears hope on top of an immeasurable past.

It is a symbol of love, and stately longevity.
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