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certified professional photographer
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What is a
Professional Photographer?

To gain certification, I underwent rigorous testing which included the following:

* I passed a comprehensive written exam to measure technical expertise
* I successfully submitted my work to a panel of judges for review and approval
* I need to renew my credentials every five years with continuing education, submitting work for critical evaluation, or retaking the certification exam

Learn more about the program that sponsors this certification by visiting Professional Photographers of America

certified professional photographer
Learn more about the certification process itself by clicking on the logo.


Koren Reyes

My Mission:
1) to provide a safe, comfortable environment, and

2) to give you simple, elegant imagery that you will cherish forever

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The most sophisticated photographer for the private client in New York City.
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Why the ginkgo leaf?

The Ginkgo tree is a phenomenon, an object of veneration. It is a sacred tree of the East symbolizing the unity of opposites.

Some view the ginkgo as representing changelessness, a force that possesses miraculous power. It is a form of life that bears hope on top of an immeasurable past.

It is a symbol of love, and stately longevity.
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